Thursday, April 8, 2010

So, How DO You Wear a Tiny Hat?

I debuted the tiny hat here a couple weeks ago. I told some friends of mine and one of them told me that she's always wondered how in the heck people wear those tiny hats. My answer to her, now that I've worn it, is this: wear it jauntily, with confidence, and with style.

I mentioned wearing it with confidence because I did receive some strange looks from people. Mostly, though, I had people stopping me to tell me how cute they thought it was.

So, really, if you find a tiny hat you like, go for it! Wear it and don't worry about the funny looks. That person giving you a funny look is just jealous that you're cuter than they are.

When I get around to making the tiny hat I'll be wearing for my wedding, I'll be taking pictures of the process and posting a tutorial. Just don't expect it too soon.

If you have a tiny hat of your own, link me to it so I can see you wearing it!

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