Monday, April 12, 2010

It's Been Quite Long Enough.

Today is going to be my first day as a non-smoker.

I started smoking at 17 years old. That was nearly 6 years ago. I feel like it's time to quit, though. I've been mulling the idea over more and more often lately. I figure that if I'm thinking about it as often as I have been, it's time to give it a go.

I've heard all the reasons to quit and quite frankly, they mean nothing to me. All of those reasons to quit never sparked an urge in me to quit. My boss quit smoking two years ago and he told me that you really have to hate smoking to quit. I'll be honest here, I don't hate smoking. In fact, I enjoy it.

So, here's goes nothing. I'm quitting. For what reason I can't really pinpoint. It's just time and that's all the excuse I need.


  1. That's great you are going to try to quit smoking!! I've never been a smoker but I hear it's really hard but possible if you really want it! Good luck! Here from SITS!

  2. Thanks Shelley. You hit my issue on the head. I don't really want to quit.