Sunday, September 12, 2010

I've Got A New 'Do

So, I might be a little crazy.

And, I might be a little wild.

I've also wanted to do this for years.

Here's goes nothing.

It started while having a beer and shooting some pool with an awesome friend. Said awesome friend has a glorious mohawk. See where I'm going with this one? I mentioned my want to have my own and he's more than willing to do it for me. Cue second guesses on if it would actually look good.

So, 1 AM comes around and this is what's happening.

Little tufts of pink hair keep falling the in the floor.

Oh dear, what is happening to my head? Why it's being shaved, of course. Two hours (and a lot of giggles) later, I have my own glorious mohawk and boy am I happy with it. I can't quit feeling the sides of my head. Hah.

Final look. :D

I hope this bit of fun makes up for my absence.