Monday, July 12, 2010

Silver: Getting Started.

So, first bleaching process down and it did better than I expected. Most of the green came out, but I failed at getting to all my roots on the back of my head. So, a second process it is... once my hair dries.

Just so you know what products I'm using, here's a picture.

I'm using MANIC PANIC FLASH LIGHTNING 40 vol. bleach. Since my hair is so short, I can get two processes out of one box.
To get the silver, I'm giving Stargazer in SILVERLOOK a try. Yes, I am aware that it looks a awfully purple in the picture. Such is the way to get silver. I promise.

I should have gotten a before picture but here's what my head looks like after one bleach process.

So, there's the update on the hair adventure. I'll keep them coming as I go on. I may do it all tonight or I may take a few days to get it done. I'm not sure on that yet. Till the next one!

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