Thursday, March 15, 2012

AthensGAHalf... year 3

Registration for the half marathon that I've been running the past couple of years has officially opened up today! While I am super excited that registration time is back around, I'm not so excited about the course changes.

For starters, they took out all the huge hills. More like they took out every. single. foffing. hill! So, it's essentially a flat course now. This makes me sad because it takes the challenge away for me. I know I can do 13.1 miles, the hills were my killer that I wanted to tackle. I can always tackle those on my own time I guess.

Also, the finish line changed places again. It now ends in Sanford Stadium. I get the appeal for a lot of the people to be able to be in the stadium but I gallivanted around that field a good deal with my old job. The idea of "taking a victory lap" around the stadium has no charm for me.

Le sigh. I'm still going to run it. I'll likely have a great new personal record time. I just wish that they had kept the challenge there.


Time to break out the Vibrams and start running again.

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