Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Blast From The Past

For a brief stint between VHS tapes and the introduction of CDs and DVDs, there was another way to enjoy your movies at home. It came in the form of an 11.81" diameter, two-sided disc called LaserDisc. LaserDisc didn't do so well in the American market, but the Japanese loved it.

LaserDisc was the forerunner technology to CDs and DVDs, even if a bit cumbersome. I've watched one LaserDisc in my life. It was in a middle school science class and the book had a LD that accompanied it.

So, on to the point of this post. I've been going through everything I own and throwing things that I don't need or want out in preparation for the move I'll be making across the country next year. Yes... I know... I'm jumping the gun, but what I do now means less to do then when I'm all in a tizzy about the wedding. It's been kind of therapeutic to get rid of useless shit. And, hey, we all need some therapy sometimes.

So, I'm just plowing through all this stuff when I come across something I got from a friend about five years ago. It entertains me to no end every time I find this thing again. I bet you've guessed by now that it's a LaserDisc of some sort.

Well, you're exactly right. It is a LaserDisc. In fact, it is Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal on LaserDisc.

I'm thinking about framing it.


  1. Please tell me you have some way to watch it. If not, framing is definitely the way to go. I wonder if it'll fit in a record frame.

    I remember watching laser discs in HS. lol

  2. @Mrs. S: I sadly do not have a way to watch it, but I wonder if my old middle school still... somehow... someway still has the LD player they used.

    The record frame is exactly what I had in mind. It seems about the right size.

  3. Really I only thought they put boring...I mean super awesome science and history shows on LaserDiscs (pew pew).

  4. @Daises: *pew pew* Look at mah guns!